An Introduction to Fractal Music


These pages were written as a final project for the PMATH 370: Chaos & Fractals course at the University of Waterloo. Contained herein is an overview of Fractal Music, as well as a number of small Java applets demonstrating different types of algorithmic and fractal composition techniques. Finally there is a brief discussion of how we can improve the results of Fractal composition.

A Note About the Applets: The Applets were all written using Swing and the Java Sound APIs, which means you'll have to have a recent version of the Java plug-in for your browser.


Source Code

The source code for all of the applets is available here. Feel free to have a look, but please do not distribute it without my permission.

Applet Comparisons

To make comparing the differing results easy, this page contains all of the applets together.

Copyright Blurb

All pages are Copyright 2002 by John Price. I can be contacted at for the forseeable future if you have any questions regarding anything on this site.